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Behavior Health Consultation

Dr. Jared Cox, Ph.D. is our Integrated Behavior Health Consultant

At Southern Oregon Pediatrics we want to support your health and well-being! This includes your physical AND emotional health. As you probably know, our daily habits have a huge impact on our health now and in the future. What you may not be as familiar with are the tools you can use to build positive behaviors, step by step. This is why we have added a behavioral health consultant to our primary care team. Dr. Jared Cox is a licensed psychologist and part of our primary care team. His job is to consult with you and your doctor about problems you may be having. Together we will develop a plan for how to keep you healthy between doctor visits. Many patients make helpful changes after one visit, but sometimes patients may return for a few visits. Dr. Cox does not provide therapy or medication, but will work with your team to connect you to additional services if needed.

We have also created a list of useful websites, smartphone applications, and books related to living a healthy life. Please see below!